「JR 上野公園ぐち」- 柳美里

“Tokyo Ueno Station” by Yu Miri

I just bought this book on a recommendation, I forget where... but it’s about a poor man who works on the construction of the 60’s (?) Japanese Olympics, and while he’s away from home, an earthquake and resulting tsunami wipes out his family and hometown. So he ends up homeless in Ueno Park.

A collection:

1&2: I would like the gender neutral bathroom, and to use the chaotic good cubicle once the Pegasus is done, plz.

3: no sticker, but mah Walgreens bandaid from THE VAXX: Part 1

screenshot, pedotalk; non graphic (proof of illegality) 

Thx for admitting ur scum folks

As long as possible, and if insurance or govt says nobody needs it anymore after COVID-19, I’ll have to take the insurance bus about an hour upstate every week :(

But i only improved with her; she did actual therapy. E just chats about pop culture or listens to me rant, and offers silence in return.

Busy 24 hours.

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Today’s news: In combo pain from fallin down the whole flight of stairs last week on my side/elbows/tailbone, + arm sore from not being able to move it regularly during SLEEP

B is down sick with his final shot, took a day off & I have to do ALL THE CLEANING before the appraiser for the refinancing visits tomorrow (i am not dusting anything above eye level u fkin kidding me)

Last night I found a newly formed Pedophile ring on one of my social spaces, and there’s no in program way to report a whole group. Backdoored it to the help desk and had to mark > harassment > dangerous activity >OTHER (there’s nothing in rules/TOS about pedophiles Or soliciting minors for sex) and had to attach a screenshot of blatant SAYING THEYRE PEDOS!

And swapping my useless therapist for my old one who abandoned me to move upstate to be with her BF who refused to move central VT. Gonna do Telehealth 1/2

Accidental vaccination today while B got his 2nd 😮 Being Easter, ppl didn’t show for their appointments, so I was offered one even though i ain’t eligible till the 12th!

So since the xanax getting ripped away was doing a number on me, i’m swappin a portion of it out with a gentler med at night that lasts longer. Also helps me sleep real good. So good, I fell dead asleep doing some studies on my phone, and woke up to THIS:

🧐 something tells me that’s incorrect...

My NEW group calls me Von & uses ALL pronouns (at my request) in a random mix, bc I expressed my discomfort with she/them as default 24/7, even though I chose narratively to play a cis female dwarf.

My next planned character is also female, (Tiefling Bloodrager - think Barbarian/Sorcerer, from Pathfinder v.1 ) but after that is a Nonbinary Firbolg Druid I have drawn up for Brandon’s sequel Critrole campaign; this time set on the continent of Wildemount.

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Aw found baby’s best Reddit comment, and best transphobe burn, all in one.

Though it leaves out the fact i was also PRIMARY HEALS ✨ no support, no heals = you GON DIE 😬


Yeah i know, birdsite link - but it has info directly from an affected Brazilian.

An American dollar = 5+ of Brazil’s currency! Every bit makes a difference!
I don’t have many followers, so PLEASE boost this, people are dying almost as fast as they were in the USA AND starving.

The thread linked below goes to the post containing OPs email, to get in touch and coordinate donation to the charitys in question in case you don’t speak Portuguese! But please read the whole thread! And boost this even if you don’t donate!

Tell OP Veestah sent ya!


Why are doctors shit.
>have constant large tonsil stones
>almost beside & BEHIND actual tonsils
>GP won’t treat em, says see ENT
>ENT: 😂 lol we don’t do that here
>tell GP throat is now tight; hard to breathe / swallow, always aware of stones, often coughing or choking
>GP: i dunno man i guess cope?

:| I don’t know how to stand up and say i want those vestigial nutsacks OUT

weight loss, positivity (no size shame) 

Muh graph

ideally dont even do this it’s probably bad 💀

Its jan til now. (165.? - 130.2)
Events lining up:
- major depression & not fucking eating
- oh hey bad sushi poisoning
- cautious return to “food”
- adopted obsessively picky eating pattern (worked w diet counseling to make sure i hit minimum goals for eating full damn meals)
- still wobblin, now only benzo fuckery is messing with me

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weight loss, positivity (no size shame) 

Unknowingly went past my goal today.
Main reason for having it, dad’s fam all but him struck with diabetes due to weight and then hip & mobility troubles.
Esp. after top surg. I wanted to get back to my bachelors bod before I absorbed B’s food style I got into later, that pairs v bad with being sedentary.

I’m not like HEALTHY cause I lost approx a small childs worth (I’m a lazy nerd and we all know this) but - more pants that fit booooth width and length wise!

- no possibility of “its your weight” being a clinical diagnosis at the doctor
- I have seen my feet. Hello friends
- i may now force B to carry me about home in flights of fancy because he is strong (enough for 40 less lbs)
- i seem eerily average

I wasn’t UNhappy before, but rather more concerned about future problems down the road. Especially beetus.

...why are my legs still tan from the summer, it’s damn near spring now, without further sun exposure since? 🤨

Being prince of the fish belly, this is very new.

Back being helpful (to mutual bros from the before times that I can’t say HEY to) again. This Q just tickled me a lot. I love the accidentally funny ones 😂

At least they’ll find the difference memorable!

- fam, friggin crypto 

So real close look at what great ppl value the STONKS.

Next I tried to convey that crypto is bad on several levels - B didn’t pretend to listen - he browsed Reddit on mobile. I just stopped mid sentence, unnoticed, to leave. Then he realized i wasnt talking & like “oh im not allowed to have a hobby i guess. also you’re probably misinformed about doge and bitcoins. and i dont think this art steal thing is a big deal you’re looking for something to be upset about - you’re also detoxing & crazy so just chill out”

Ive just resorted to pretending I don’t care because I’ll fucking scream

& i AM detoxing Benzos rn. 5yrs of xanax thank u Lori for that misuse of meds. I’m MANIC & v ill & i hate. a lot.

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- fam, friggin crypto 

Had to sit thru hours of convo on both stock investments and playing at cryptocurrency. At first it was b’s sis, then dad piped up to add his advice. Horrifically, B then reported HIS stocks (I had no idea he had or was interested in past the one share in GameFail in trolling WallStreet) AND???? $4 in doge bc it used to be funny and holds out hope to make a profit eventually.

Privately I tried to explain: i lived w the son of a Wall Street fuck; he was snobby, lazy, entitled, ignorant, and sold all the belongings of MINE that had value - to buy new gaming shit for HIM. His dad? Most of that, but mostly publicly racist & almost CRIED when I told him to apologize to the takeout guy for outright saying there was cat meat in the Chinese food in front of his mother.

I wanna work in my Japanese textbook for a few hours

But I’m being bullied into returning to the shitty curse of strahd campaign tonight. Likely to be 3-4 hrs of in game shopping and ooc chatter and no progress

I can’t help it, I love our stinky pheromone laden trade friends.

I want a book, movie, show, or comic all about Jawas.
Btw, my second favorite aliens are Ithorians. Thank you Tales From the Cantina and Momaw Nadon.

Since I discovered it, I like to browse Quora for interesting facts and stories.

Yesterday I came on a hate comment about Muslims (as seen in pic) and replied. “So bc some people do this, all Muslims are to blame? Lets go out on a limb here since u have no photo and a vanilla name, and assume you’re white like me. Are we KKK? I’m not, and you probably aren’t either. See, that’s stereotyping in a hateful way.
So grow up and stop being a bigot.”

5 MINUTES LATER my post was deleted as Hate Speech. I appealed it, stating staff should look at what I replied to, and the commenters reply HISTORY which includes Transphobia and Homophobia.

Today they refused my appeal, and every single one of his obviously hateful posts ARE still up after being reported.

I guess if you evangelical and right wing, mods love you.

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