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this doesnt line up well at all on any platform but i don't care

yall ive never seen eyelashes this extra before :amaura:

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whenever someone posts an emojo of themself i think of this

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1) tjheyve got a cool name
2) they dont have any big world domination / destruction plans they just wanna hang out and be rude

team skull is the only team id hang out with

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i downloaded pokémon go again cos of yall and wowie i havent played this since the week it came out and i don't know what any of these buttons do

arrested for tracing on donphan social

oops thats. the exact same pose as the sugimori art lmao

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im learning how to make lino stamps. i dont have the right tools but that aint stop me

i made a small mareep stamp so i can sign things in ~style~

there should be a captcha on the sign-up page that just asks "is trubbish good" and if you answer no it doesn't let you in

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