i found out today that yesterday was appreciate a dragon day. i didn't appreciate a dragon yesterday but rest assured that i will appreciate every dragon type i see today

Trying out my new light box and watering down my acrylic ink for a water color effect. Used Phanpy as a test subject. Still the best elephant Pokemon!

that's my yearly not fanart done, now i can go back to just drawing pokémon

here's a nanachi emojo that i never finished because i could never make it legible at emojo sizes

oops i meant shiny hatching, not shiny hunting

btw type "wanted poster" into duck duck go image search if you want to find all the typefaces that do not go well on a wanted poster

here's something i made for holly monorail's shiny hunting stream a couple weeks ago. i have next to no experience lettering, but this was so dependent on text that if i had typed it in it would have looked really cheap and bad. so i spent like 4x as much time as I had expected on this and 3/4th of that time was lettering

anyway let me dig in my sketch folder and see if i have something for you

i leave for six little weeks and now we have a wint dril

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