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Saw that a thing called "bunny succulents" exist and I couldn't help but draw actual bunny succulents. Enjoy!

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apparently I hadn't drawn mega ampharos yet! fixed that

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when youre in kanto or johto and it's late at night and you need food you could always pop into a combeeni

@Siphonay as President of Donphan you have the power to make it happen

@Siphonay can we have a yearly Pokémon With Swords Day

i wish i could say i'm sorry but i'm really not

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i have this sketch in my bookmarks and i look at it like every other day. i should draw more like this

These are the two inks I accidentally mixed BTW. Funny how that just turned out black

why is this pen still full. why is this ink still so dark

i fucked up and mixed two inks and now i have to empty out my pen. suggest things to draw

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