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@dario god I hope so. I haven't had any crashes yet but I'm chalking that up to closing the game regularly (so I can go harass my animal crossing characters hahaha)

Do you guys think a performance for sv is on its way? Or will GF leave this mess as it is now?

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I just know there is a guy at TPC crying rn over the ginormous patch he is being asked to get ready for Monday

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At long last, Mayor Pauline of New Donk City has been dethroned. Now it's Pokémon Trainer Juliana's time to rule! (Still can't believe we can finally use Pokémon characters as Switch profile icons now.)

This screenshot also contains my Nintendo Switch Friend Code. In case some of y'all wanna add me. 👀

Trying this again in light of the latest news…

I think I still hadn’t shown here my (small) collection!!


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