@Siphonay I have a lucky egg on in pogo for like 25 min. Ready to level up?

Syncioz! I can’t find your @ here. But we go ultra in Pokémon Go tomorrow, or whenever we interact next. Let me know if you want to pop an egg.

All Pokémon trainers must

- to earn a gym badge
- to defeat the elite four
- whenever they lock eyes
with another trainer

As the pokemonpvp.club PVP IV checker is down, I wrote my own

And then made it into a Discord bot

If you’d like access to said bot, DM me (I’ll make it totally open eventually when I’m confident I can run it on Heroku without running out of my free allotment, or if I move it to my own server)

Also hi I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been... really into Pokémon Go lately at least?

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Hey Cloyster: why do you look so much like a vulva


SO much

Is dametenshi in pgo someone here? We hit best friends in 13 days and should coordinate an egg.

I haven’t gotten far enough in Let’s Go to get the Meltan boxes though. I was busy and then, uh, Smash.

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I feel like I’ve been neglecting donphan while also getting really into Pokémon Go! I connected with a local discord through Silph Road and have been able to do tier 5 raids! It’s been nice.

Here’s yesterday’s Gastly. Watercolors in Pixelmator are fun. The eyes/mouth are by far the weakest parts of it.

I have had a busy weekend in Pokémon Go. That Lugia was my 4th attempt and hadn’t gotten any. But then: ✨🤩✨

That's scraped from Serebii, so, uh, firstly: thanks Serebii! And secondly: Pokemon with more than one form (Alolan, Deoxys, etc) will be listed multiple times.

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