I got an auto catch device for Pokémon Go (a Brook Reviver Plus)… and it really works; I was able to ride into town, do some supermarket shopping, wander along the waterfront, and ride home over about a 2 hour period and the thing caught about 200 Pokémon. But it probably used about 400 regular Pokeballs and now I have none (but lots of blue and yellow ones picked up from stops). I’m probably going to have to be better about sending gifts each day so I can maximise the gifts back in return, those regular Pokeballs are now at a premium…

Copying our new friends’ toots through Apple Translate to find what their conversations are about.

It’s very instructive. I know too little about the world outside Europe, America, and Australasia.

But brave humans with hopes and fears and pain and joy and life to live are everywhere.

Thank you.

Lunchtime Thursday in my timezone and wow, so many raids and so many spoofers. No shinies yet though.

Raid hour here in 15 minutes. Good chance of spoofers to fill out the gyms, might be some good hunting if people are interested in the mega twins

Supposedly Pokegenie won’t let people below a certain level or team strength join the new Mega raids but… there’s plenty of people who lie about their level to get in and then bring ridiculously low power mons to the raid, expecting to be carried.

It doesn’t work.

Back to old school in-person raids with trusted locals, it seems.

Our timeline is certainly a lot more varied than it used to be. It’s good that our new friends have a place to talk freely; they need it.

The mega Lati@s are pretty hard work! 6 people is most likely not enough so don’t use Pokegenie. The only way I caught some today was I happen to live in an early timezone so that I had the help of lots of spoofers.

Pokémon Legends Arceus spoilers 

Wow plot twist. But all best discussed in private… at least the time spent grinding was worth it, my level 100 all-10 stats Scyther one hits most opposing mons now.

Just tried trading for the first time in Pokémon Legends Arceus - seemed to work just fine! I don’t think the stats change either, like they do in Pokémon Go. Hopefully I can catch enough shinies to trade with someone else…

Phew, figured out the first boss…the alpha Gastrodon was a superb choice…

Status: trying to level up sufficiently to take on the first boss in . So much exploring! Maybe I need a team of Alphas, that alpha Floatzel might be a good candidate…

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