Kore ha naisho dakedo Tetefu ha Tapu Lele yade.

If :poliwag:​ is the first Pokemon, What position is :politoed:​ in……Chicken or the egg.

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When asked "which Pokémon is the first one?" without any further context, five answers are valid:

Bulbasaur :bulbasaur: is number #001 in the National Pokédex
Arceus :arceus: is a deity in the Pokémon mythology it hatched from an egg then cerated the universe
Mew :mew: is the common ancestor of all non-Mythical Pokémon, and probably most mythical Pokémon as well
Poliwag :poliwag: was the first Pokémon created by Satoshi Tajiri that ended up in the games. It also has #001 in the Pokédex assigned in early concepts
Rhydon :rhydon: has the internal ID 0x01 in Generation 1 (0x00 is the glitch Pokémon 'M, often mistaken for MissingNO. because it uses the same sprite, but it's not an official Pokémon)

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Is anyone there? People who have seen Mirage Island.
I can not believe in the presence of the island. donphan.social/media/KRivY_5Gm

If Cosmoem has Eviolite, it's like a fortress!

Pidgeotto or Staravia is likely to come out in the near future.

Although not golduck, Misty's psyduck is one of my favorite characters.


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