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when you're not ready nor do you want the heartfelt apology... sucks to be you, cin

hi res & archives on my site ->


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I have no idea how to farm collectables but i like completing gathering logs. Botany relaxing

I do feel better today, like, in spite of myself, the weather, etc

i did my best sanding the front panel on the scoot, and put a basket on the back. rn the front panel is just getting rained on bc it needs a rinse.

cant wait for MIRRORS tho

reading naruto 

Im in the home stretch w only 100 issues to go!! The madara war saga is winding down w tobi's identity being confirmed, but naruto and sasuke still need a showdown

Apart from the zetsu war stuff ive rly enjoyed the narrative delivery & character arcs. But also im glad i waited til now to read. And i still enjoy trash sensei kakashi

I drank coffee after dinner and well my bad there

Slight chance ill sit in the barn w the garage door open and sand the front scooty panel (again....) even tho its supposed to rain tomorrow


Kep heals for me & i struggle to remember how to get my dmg combos stacking on muscle memory alone

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I spent most of my time today on xiv just mindlessly fiddling w botany in xanxia or w/e. I was lookin for rare tea and didnt find it yet

This was relaxing and fun. Then i ran a dungeon truly struggling to get the feel for controlling nin again. I still panic but i think being able to move things on my screen at this higher res ... may help

mh ~ 

feeling a little better today (i think making progress on the scooter helps) but tomorrow we shall see

every now and again i have deep self loathing spikes and its usually when i think of how i must look to others

ok heres the thing i accidentally spray painted over the battery gauge so i have only a vague sense of where it is but also, this is a very Me thing to just deal with

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my stickers on the big screwups area plan has worked great on the side panels

howev, the front panel is still in such need of work that its too soon to call.

You cant tell from this far back but this paint job is garbo

I need to do commish work but absolutely do not want to. Brains are bs


Ugh eggs i forgot this music is madness

the spraypaint is crackling on parts of the scooter and im 50/50 on sanding it out or just slapping a sticker over the problem area like :>

i got more paint, and hopefully. hopefully. today i will finish w painting pieces of the scooter and be able to start re-assembling

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