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this week, solla's been waiting for anews story to grab akia's attention for -way- too long

hi res scans & archives on my site
please remember to move from my p/atreon to k/ofi!

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Ppl are enjoying clocktober which is proof everyone loves a lil artistic drift off model for fun

Todays clocktober: clock the dragon armadillo has a breath weapon. All dragons do! His is soap bubbles

So ive drawn him breathing some

Though he is a dragon, clock uses magic to usually remain a smaller size

Day 1 of clocktober

Clock is chilling on se pumpkins, saying naughty words w a grin

ive made up my mind, ill be drawing my oc clockwork the little dragon armadillo bat guy for every day of the month

or try to anyway lol

for pythus, who's been having a time of it as most of us have lately

this fuzzy dragon is his

Its a floor model from tractor supply but its also the only one to fit our limited hearth space!

Old one is kind of a hunk of rusted nasty junk im glad to see go

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Hooking up the new stove and booking boosters in a race to fall here

im trying to log into gofundme and its not letting me for some reason but yay!!! fundraiser done!!!!!!!

after dragging my feet bc i dont feel great abt it, i made a gfm

please help me pay off med bills related to the big C, it's not That Much luckily but its more than i can do alone. small donations stack up, and sharing it around does too. thanks ;-;

I posted the wrong version of mewtwo earlier 💀

spent far too much time on this mewtwo doing a kickflip at the skatepark outside north station you see via the commuter rail

theres a process drawing video but u gotta tip me on kofi to see it!

Wip ... i was asked to draw my pets but all i got done so far was my fish

for chaz, their snep oc lux!
i just like the colors on this one idk

done during a stream i think!

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