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Only two remain...

If you have either of there & want to trade or sell hmu!! Im dying

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What other pokemon cards could i want?!

ill tell u


im still so sad that bootleg chinese mewtwo card sold before i saw it

3200 hp lmao

anyone feel like paying me for art so i can buy some more pokemon cards................... hmu.........

samples below

re: family, uspol, poland pol, - 

when i remind her that not everyone is rich and white like she is she starts cutting me off with YOURE RIGHT OKAY OKAY YOURE RIGHT and its like if im right why dont you. incorporate this. into your thought patterns. imagine me standing there reminding you when you say things are so simple that not everyone has money or white skin. aaaa

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family, uspol, poland pol, - 

mom thinks its fine poland banned abortion because 'people can just go to other parts of the eu'

she also thinks we should reinstate the draft so that the right can go to war and the left can protest and dodge the draft

my mother does not understand that not everyone is rich and white like she is

i think the funniest thing about the nightmare game that is cyberpunk 2077 is that they added in player pronoun options to make them seem woke but then they tied the pitch of the player character's voice to their pronoun choice

Its rly cold today so i crawled back under thr blankets

Ok need to stop my card hunt now or the trash bill will git me

a LOT of people were arrested last night after a standoff with police in West Philly. Earlier in the evening, the PPD murdered 27 year old Walter Wallace Jr. They shot him 10 times in front of his mother and other pleading neighbors. burn it down.

good time to donate to the philly bail fund if you can

my partner found anime space communist bernie sanders in a stellaris mod

I was fallimg asleep holding a purring audrey til ren got on the bed and let out a squawk of betrayal and protest so i had to pet and snuggle her instead

Gotta drink a little bit of dumb bitch juice every day to build up immunity and get brain swole in time to fight for the humans in the Great Bimbo Future War

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