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this week: who are you and why are you waking me up

the hi-res image is live on my site, thank you patrons for making this comic possible :> enjoy?

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Did some light 1am arm workouts too bc i cant skip it w the radiation dmg

Now brain, body, pls.. a good 8hrs out ok??

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I wanna go to furry picnic saturday but if alph works ive got nobody n im too socially anxious to go alone lol

re: uspol, malicious 

also the comments are full of prayer hands so its like lol enjoy no help from all those people who have you on a first name basis ya creeps

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uspol, malicious 

a trump2020 house nearby whose stupid ugly flags i have to see EVERY time we drive by... had a propane tank explode and caught fire.

no people or pets were killed so i dont feel bad being like lmfao thats what you get bitch

Managed to sleep for an hour. Alarm to unplug scooty woke me. Need more sleep before i think about sanding a cage tho......

I feel like nights are just a series of 3hr naps, which arent as restful as a real Nights Sleep

Once its dried im going to sand portions of it and hit it w the hose again.

But thats like... in a few

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Feeling touchy bc tired. Got to power washing peanuts cage, still got work to do on it. Honestly wish i had time to repaint it too but oh well

What if i replace every mewtwo photo on my site i say to myself laughing at my own folly

every time someone moans about how depraved kids are these days,
it's hard not to bring up the fact that streaking was a fad in the 70s

this was always a dick pic culture

there are 3 cats in this house and each one is a complete dipshit but in an entirely different way

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Asking LGBTQ+ people only:

What's your view of the word "queer" in the context of describing LGBTQ+ people?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Some options in toot! Include: pride icons, secret minigames, something called Relax mode, easy switching accts/domains, light n dark modes... its just the best one

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Use the Toot! App if ur on iOS imo. Sure its like the cost of a cuppa coffee but ur on ios -everything- is.......

I do wish the government made cat ears mandatory because people losing their shit over having to wear cat ears would be that much more amusing than people losing their shit over having to wear a face mask
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