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I didn't want to reply to someone I don't follow but getting close to FASFA season. They actually are making changes for the 2023-2024 school year, if you want a run down (as a guardian or student) here is an article I pulled off the internet about it (if the guardian refuses to support the student they can qualify for unsubsidized Stafford loans)

well i got thru 4 drawings during game. tomorrow i got ggpa's memoirs to read and workouts to do for sure but. if i can get a few more done, ill be on top of work shit

the only bad thing abt everyone being into vr is that vr screenshots are TERRIBLE reference images. the lighting is always woggy, and you can never see anyone's feet or tail. sometimes clipping can look like a marking or a marking can look like clipping. i just. wish ppl would idk send a turnaround animation in a t pose or something if i have to use a ref of a video game graphic lmao

T4T until the end, my dudes.

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( #nsfw #mastoart #art #patreon #queer )

I decided i dont need to fold the laundry tonight. I washed it n brought it upstairs. Thats enough i says

think of a colour and then open this 

okay thank you

You are a coward if you wont tell me, i know you picked a side in 2006. Dont deny this part of urself. The cringe is a mind prison of ur own design

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Which were you

gender shitpost 

Pirates vs ninjas in 2006 was actually an early attempt to replace our existing gender binary and only failed bc of a lack of neopronouns

Back to sleep-fighting lately, its rly unfair to alph that some nights i just kick or elbow w all my strength but i. Cant. Control it :( if i wake up a little i stop but then i dont rly get sleep so its just lose/lose...

Ive learned my lesson. Dont buy anything from an ad on a site. U can just find it for like a quarter of the price on aliexpress

Anyway im gonna get some outfit next week yesss

cats but in a lil battle helmet so they look like they have a crest of horns

tomorrow i gots to post a comic page

plus laundry, catboxes, fish filter changing anddddd rp group

so not too bad. all told

keepay's hornet-sona (or, beepay) has claimed this soda. get your own.

Been having good memories of the Space Cadet pinball game, so I went to this site to download it.

So much nostalgia fuel this game had.

I want to make sure this is clear to all. is open to having people join our instance. The creator and admin of our instance is me, Ikora. I'm a black femme, but you don't have to be to join us. We are creating a community space based on restorative justice principles. So, yes, everyone is welcome! But, it's in context, right? Unearned advantages will be addressed and acknowledged. We won't be gaslighting each other. Listen to experience, etc. Join me if you want to help. <3

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