Out on strike despite awkward timing: I was seconded into a post on our library's senior management team about two weeks ago. But union membership is part of my leadership. There are challenges facing our sector beyond the individual, no matter how senior

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Amazing turnout at ⁦@UoNUCU@twitter.com⁩ rally today! Stand with @UCU@twitter.com. Enough is enough

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Fantastic start to Day 1 of @UoNUCU@twitter.com. This is the biggest action the union has ever taken but it's also a last resort. We stand ready to negotiate a fair deal for all HE staff. The employers could make different choices. We deserve better. Students deserve better.

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Aberdeen's University Librarian @simonjbains announced our new rights retention policy today!

Seems niche, but is super important for fighting the supervillains in for-profit publishing.

Uni staff can no longer be made to sign over copyright to publish. All work will be made freely available to all in the university repository.

We have an amazing Open Research Team at the library 📚 🦸‍♀️ 🏆. Thank you!

Full details:

#OpenAccess #OpenResearch #RightsRetention #LibraryDon

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Take part in our Libraries Navigation Study 🗺

We're looking for students unfamiliar with Hallward and George Green Libraries to help us make them more intuitive and easier to navigate 🙋‍♀️

All participants receive £30 Amazon vouchers ✨

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Four takeaways from our recent survey on #methods sharing:

1️⃣ Methods sections alone are insufficient

2️⃣ Researchers see methods sharing as important...

3️⃣ ...but aren't satisfied with their ability to achieve their goals

4️⃣ The main blockers are practical in nature

#openscience #openmethods


I was originally planning to work on campus today but changed my mind. So of course the broadband went down. Service seems to be restored after a couple of restarts but I'll be grateful for readers who keep their internet fingers crossed for me.

Finally an post! I'm an academic librarian in Nottingham, UK with a PhD in Learning Sciences and professional interests in . My profile links to my ORCID publication record.

When I'm not hustling to make information open and accessible, I spend time watching and reality TV, playing :team_mystic: and and accruing language skills.

A nice addition to the @ORCID_Org website to help integrate with Mastodon would be to support the use of the rel="me" attribute in a way that Mastodon users can use it to #verify academic identities.

This would let links to ORCID's show in green with check marks on user profiles, thus quickly proving that the account is run by the person associated with that #ORCID.

There's already an issue open, so go up vote if you'd like to see this supported


Day one of my secondment. Spending the morning in the main Research Support office orientating myself, and shortly heading back to my personal office to start setting things up there.

Last two days before my secondment starts on Wednesday. My mission is to wrap things up that I have already committed to and not to commit to anything new in the guise of my current role!

Pleased to share that I've been appointed interim Associate Director for Research @UoNLibraries@twitter.com, due to start 9 November. I'm looking forward to making new connections, reconnecting with old friends, and generally championing library work in the research space.

Settings are currently under 'Viva Insights' in case anyone else reading this is focused against their will.

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I'm sure I switched off this wretched 'Focus Time' system for my calendar, but somehow it's back like a horrible fungus you can't eradicate. I love blocking out time to focus on my calendar, but cramming it randomly into slots between meetings is not my bag.


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