This team still fails at being creatable on console, because I can't get a Serperior (they're in non-ultra Su/Mo only), although I could reasonably trade for one.

Decidueye isn't as good at the role, but it would provide the ghost typing I wanted...

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my first thoughts from trying to play it: I struggled to break Tentacruel a lot if things weren't lined up just right, and i'm wishing I had a ghost-type to deny the enemy spins.

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I put a UU team together on Showdown and went 3-for-5 in my first couple battles (on a brand new ELO)

:klefki:​ (spiker / waller/ toxic)
:starmie:​ (fast special sweeper / spinner)
:houndoom_mega:​ (special sweeper)
:swampert:​ (stealth rock / bulky phys sweeper)
:serperior: (subseed, special sweeper)
:gliscor: (swords dance phys sweeper)

I think it covers the basics OK? I've got utility, heavy spiking, a spinner, some decent bulky switch-ins, and things that can buff to break through walls.

I've been playing USUM again lately after a friend picked it up, and it's got me hankering to make a competitive team again.

Trying to plan out a UU set that I could reasonably breed on console...or just battle online on smogon, if anyone wants to play too!

I wonder if Garbodor would still be the most hated pokemon if people realized it is supposed to be a parody of Totoro.

Back in the gen 3 era, :starmie: was a remarkably solid competitive pick in OU!

It’s got great offensive type coverage between Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt, plus the ever-popular Rapid Spin. Natural Cure and Recover gave it defensive options too.

Looks like it’s dropped to UU by now, as it’s middling stats have been outpaced over time. But it’s still one of my favorite spinny boys.

Nap time is over, and Trace is here to zoom!!!


This wonderful pic is from @catterfly

:golduck: : it has bothered me since I was a kid that Golduck isn’t gold.

Also, ducks are awful and total jerks, and this is a *five foot tall* duck. Dude is probably gonna walk across the street just so he can punch you and steal your sandwich.

:growlithe:​ :arcanine:​
:snubbull:​ :granbull:​
:houndour:​ :houndoom:​ :houndoom_mega:​
:raikou:​ :entei:​ :suicune:​
:poochyena:​ :mightyena:​
:electrike:​ :manectric:​ :manectric_mega:​
:lillipup:​ :herdier:​ :stoutland:​
:rockruff:​ :lycanroc:​ :lycanroc_dusk:​ :lycanroc_midnight:​

sometimes you just gotta lie down and look at clouds for a while :goodra:

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