I can't access my main account, but I'm going to be offline for a bit :| Like a week. If you can let my peeps know that would be nice.

If you don't want to support River City Girls because the devs that make is are kinda shitty, there's a romhack for Kunio-kun on the NES that is... basically that game.


@UnclearFuture (Since Starrevolution is down)
TERFs are mad because it hilights people that are TERFs in red when using the plugin and they don't like that for some reason. Even though they are ones to drag trans women before their execution squad and have their own style of "Shinigami Eyes"

LGBT+ are making Pokemon Inclusive and ain't nothing you can do about it ;).

Half of me is. "Spend whatever tax money you get to survive" and the other half of me is "Maybe buy that damn Switch you'll play once and then won't touch for months"

Not sure if I had a Switch I'd buy the new Pokemon game, but I'd be ready for the next one. Also DQ Builders and otome games.

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here are some genuine Cool S’s from around 1999-2000. i think me and my friends went a bit overboard. i think it was supposed to be a school science poster. but i guess we didn’t listen. look at all those fuckin S’s

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