hey friends I'm shifting to @spiritomb because it was available and spiritomb is my favorite pokemon :spiritomb:

I'd say this hat represents about 4 hours of labor so far, not counting breaks to rest my fingers.

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Ears are attached! Time for the hard part, which is making cheeks and eyes with very thin yarn and a very smol hook.

This may actually be a good time to appreciate services like




for setting up your own instance with the help of an experienced sys-admin. You get the domain you want, and you can build your own community and invite your friends.

Pikachu hat progress! I had an awkward moment when I completely forgot how to sew with yarn but I recovered.

This is the Pikachu hat I made for my kid's first Halloween, back in 2016. It's too small for her now. The felt cheeks aren't attached anymore because securely attaching felt to crocheted acrylic is not something I was able to reliably figure out.

Pikachu hat progress: The main body of the hat (the undecorated yellow beanie) is finished. I've just started the ears, which I'm doing separately and will attach to the hat when they're long enough.

Pictures coming soon!

i promise to post WIP pics of the pikachu​ hat i will be crocheting for my toddler to replace the pikachu hat i crocheted for her when her head was considerably smaller

baby's SECOND pikachu hat 💞​

i got the surfing :pikachu: in ultra sun and now i have a surfing :raichu_alola: 😎

i finally am accruing bottlecaps with a reasonable frequency in ultra sun!!

I have to breed :shuckle: sometime, it seems like a fun pokemon to battle with

i became the :mantine: surf champion in alola and received the surfing :pikachu:!

the first gen 7 shiny i caught in my games was a :morelull: and I'm sad that it doesn't have a nature I'd want to use for competitive battling

about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the

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