I have to go to an anime convention tomorrow and the next day

Yesterday, I joined mastodon, and while I still don't entirely know what's going on here, I hope my time is enjoyable. I enjoy anime, games, and the net, in addition to other things too. Hope we can get along.

kinda negative, just complaining 

I have to stay over at someone's house while also taking my daily topical prescription why is life like this

accidentally read a kotaku article today and my eyes bled

new pokemon trailer spoilers 

Not sure if I should have spoiler tagged stuff about the trailer, but whatever.

Excited for the different storylines aspect, but when they mentioned the treasure hunting first, I thought it was gonna be some kind of sun and moon trials system and got worried.

I've spent today downloading music and that's it. Kinda sleepy

not entirely sure yet what mastodon is... but I am here


This generalist Mastodon server welcomes enthusiasts of the Pokémon franchise, to talk about it or anything else. Join the federation!