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hello nyan one one . babie....????? :riolu:

sorry to post this without a cw even thought it's long, i just really need this to be see. thank you if you read it

Hey, two of my cats been sneezing and my cat shadow is getting worse and it really seems like its bothering or even hurting him and i really need to get him to the vet.
I barely have enough to just get him there let alone any other extra care he might need if there's something seriously wrong.
If anyone can donate/commission me I would really really really appreciate it.
links to donate or commission me are linked in my bio.

i got all my lets go shinies in one to two days . shiny pikachu didnt NOT want me . Three Weeks.

who should i shiny hunt next on lets go........ i did gyarados, hypno, pikachu(failed pikachu..... i gave up atfer 3 entire weeks of hunting), and tentacruel....... hmmmmmmm.....

will i ever stop laughing at my own posts? no

its just pokemon mystery dungeon but im mean and dont wear my partners bandana

some times you just have to go for car ride because you need more sausagse! grocery store . give saugse.. #flatericday

why can mario have nipples but link cant? nintendo explain.

ive been doing a naked run of botw but im only wearing hats . it is good. npcs stop askin if im cold challenge

i hav eatenn so many potato chjip that i am now circular

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