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i love meeting another pokekinnie ... it is always good. we are all poke

E....... adoptable

ok to trade, no reselling, you get unwatermarked version + rights to alter after purchase

5-15$ usd

dm if interested, retoot if unable to buy / uninterested

#adoptable #mastoart #mastodraw #illustration

i love every pokemon but its because they all deserve it

I hav a little bibarel named BaBa and she is my world

bibarrel is so cute. he looks so chunky and soft. like i could just pick him up like a little baby and he would hug me

hey i made an account on efdn! It's probably gonna become my main so hmu on @riolu !!!!!
ill still talk here but only about pokemon as usual u w u

if u have a different icon and or name after moving instances i no longer know who u r

also side note im so fucking glad big bang theory ended so my mom will shup the hellllll up about it already. bazinga in hell

my cat is staring at me because it is 1 am and im not in bed laying w him yet......... pleas..... do not make me guilty..... i lov u

Tdfw(that dog feel when) you smell cheese 🧀 but you cannot see the cheese. ? 🐶

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