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efdns not loading so heres a cookied run art
i have made a honey cookie bc.... we need one

phoebe has a dusknoir instead of a sabel eye but shes the only one ill accept because dusknoir is my favorite ghost type

bugsy ended up with beedrill instead of scyther do not count on the right sync pair

if we get giovanni and he doesnt have a rhydon im going to DeVa personally and eating the head game designer

i never want to see white archie ever again ill catch rabies and die

i just want steven and wallace in masters really. theyre my favoit........

i hate Brendan for absolutely no reason but i feel like he deserves it anyway

DeNa give me list or else i will come to ur head quaters and steal someones child:
- maxie
- giovanni
-take brendan out of the game and replace him with may

go stupid aughghahaa go crazy kawuauauauaua go stupid

i wish green was in masters..... she deserves it..... the world has forgotten about my wonderful daughter

what im saying is if i dont get a URS event im going to attack DeNA

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