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Any time I eat a grape I am eating baby wine.

having a hard time not reacting audibly to white people dreadlocks lately

i always forget cranidos' name and just call him "chompy bomp" becaue thats what i named my first cranidos djfskdfjs

leveling up hydra my psyduck :psyduck:​ . shes perfect and i adore her. she will grow strong and Not Die.

i have 2 give my self a one revive per game exception when i do nuzlockes i love my babies 2 much.....😔

I am unironically here for Pokémon weddings. Married by Pikachu.

current babiees:

:fletchling:​ Olivine
:fennekin:​ Sillkin
:pansage:​ Citron
:azurill:​ Lillie
:psyduck:​ Hydra

misplaced ORAS so im restating my nuzlocke on x skdjflsdk

i love meeting another pokekinnie ... it is always good. we are all poke

E....... adoptable

ok to trade, no reselling, you get unwatermarked version + rights to alter after purchase

5-15$ usd

dm if interested, retoot if unable to buy / uninterested

#adoptable #mastoart #mastodraw #illustration

i love every pokemon but its because they all deserve it

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