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anyone on here who plays maplestory2 who would be interested in a pokemon guild?????? id have a tiny discord chat on it and wed do dungeons on the weekends....!

old people expect me to be good with computers because im young but my sister has to show me how to use the iphone Ive had for years. I dont know anything. Im just baby

if I even breath my computer turns off and its. causing me pain... i type really heavy like I punch the keys like im hammering a nail into my computer so It takes me like 10 minutes to write one post and i am dying

its too lonely here more people love me....!!!! im a baby and if I dont get attention I die!!!!!!!

im not used to not being interacted with. even on the barren space of tumblr I had lovely mutuals who interacted with me a lot......! I wasn't any where near popular infact right now I have less than 100 followers because I moved I was just lucky to meet really nice people

anyone have an recomendations for an active instances?????

ive seen the instance monsterpit and it looks nice...... I was thinking about asking to join but idk....... just thinking about talking to people makes me feel a little sicks so like..... before I put myself thru that anyone from there got any info on wethere its nice there or not???

Im gonna need to get a new tablet soon mines breaking again. I really dont wanna buy from wacom any more because it feels like everythings made to break.... but this one was a gift..... can anyone recomend any non-wacom tablets???

long hair cats are always stinky theyre magnets for dirty things....... stink holders.....!!!

my kitties are all so stinky!!!!! stinky kitties!!!!

I havent rlly done art requests in a whiiillleeee because I can't afford it n its sad bc its nice to make people happy but like. im poor as shit

people who answer artists asking for something to draw with a character they know the artist loves are all lovely..... especailly the ones that add a cute little senario with the character request....

everyones pokesonas are all unique and im all here like... .im just a normal looking riolu....... slightly darker color scheme and folded ears.... that is all......

hm...... should I put my donation post / commissions here??? im not really planning on staying here but all the other instances im interested in are as dead as this one so im not sure where to go......! hm....... the little people here right now are very nice............. hmm.....

i know I dont have the reputation here yet but irl im the bee guy. I really love bees. I just love em. they good and deserve all love ever..... thats just that......

beedrill and combee...... all of em.... I would be the bee guy x2

if I lived in the pokemon world I would befriend SO many beedrill...... so many..............

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