replacing all the plates and bowls and cups in the house with these

i didnt get any shiny treecko today but !! my sibling caught one and this time it didnt transform into a random mon !! :treecko: :ledyba:

so anyway i havent slept yet and its 5:30 so imma sleep.

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im going to play gen 1 or 2 and try to complete it for the first time ever. someone pick my team for me. i think thru these too much and get anxious n dont play

Unpopular opinion: Pokémon based on inanimate objects are good, actually!

Everytime someone tries to hate on another gen of Pokémon I feel the urge to tell them ponyta is just a horse on fire

someone give me a name for my torchic! im replaying oras!!

care bear sonas should be the next trend... so im starting it!!!! meet patchheart, or patches!! hes plushie, and has a lil backpack on :3 i imagine he would deliver letters for people in care a lot... #carebearsonas

what exactly is ?? i know its an instance but what sets it apart? and what are the rules?? am trying to pack or else i would look for myself

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