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trevor has been grinding for a shiny charmander in pkmn quest all week and he finally got one today. i’m not much of a charizard fan myself but the black and red shiny does look pretty rad.

i ordered this articuno terrarium as a surprise for trevor last week & it’s already arrived surprisingly! i want to buy all 3 collections so bad but at $20 a pop that’s not happening anytime soon haha. they look really great in person tho so i highly recommend if you’re into figurines.

has anyone else here been playing pokemon quest? i got my first shiny yesterday, but it's a persian which looks hardly any different from the regular version so not very exciting lmao. some shinies are such a bust.

i’ll be updating this later tomorrow when i’m not trapped on mobile. i’ve seen this place floating around the fediverse, and thought i’d come lurk since my home instance isn’t very pokémon discussion heavy. i’m @lyrium & about a dozen other places. pumpkaboo is my fav & my self-id pokémon while alakazam is my fav otherwise. i always loved sabrina so much as a kid. most ghost, grass, and cute pokémon in general are all okay by me tho. i’m looking forward to hanging out here! 💖


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