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I honestly wonder how much electricity we could save if we stopped illuminating billboards at night
I wonder how much more we could save if we eliminated corporate internet advertising and data collection for advertisement purposes altogether

wait, does mastodon have trending hashtags now?

can i make #mew trend? :blobcat3c:

Would the ninja turtles vape?

Michael Angelo, certainly. The fattest clouds imaginable in every flavor, including pepperoni pizza. I’m not sure about the others tho.


ゾ ウ 勢

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@Sapphicgiraffic I rarely see *white* pickups here... usually black or dark metallic grey.

I find that the average looking ones have 'average' drivers, the total rustbuckets are usually okay, but if it's something excessively chromed, lifted, shiny and ostentatious? With an aftermarket loud exhaust? Especially diesels?

Yeah... I usually watch from a much longer, safer distance as they swerve between lanes, cutting people off and tailgating, for the inevitable accident.

The night of 12 October, we'll be seeing the full moon (99% lit).

Luna will see you off with her warmest touch.

pls keep me safe and make many backups of me

really wish the trend of naming things with SEO keywords would stop so we can put things like "Google Play Books - Ebooks, Audiobook8s and Comics" to rest.

Hot take: the USDA food pyramid was wrong because it classified chicken eggs as meet instead of their correct classification: fruit

don't federate with me until i've had my coffee

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