Someday a bunch of completely out of touch agricultural historians are going to think our earth-tilling hand tools somehow obtained sentience simply because they saw "Hoes mad" and not bother to do further research

Please remind your friends who are protesting that face masks not only protect them from Covid, but also from the US surveillance state.

I'm reasonably sure that @glorfindel sent me the egg that I just hatched a 100% A. Sandshrew from.

if you haven't used youtube-dl before, you should look into it or into an mpv based media player.
personally i use Celluloid but i think there are better ones out there.

you can just put a link to a video in the playlist and it will stream it for you, without having to load any of youtube's (or any other website's) tracking stuff.
also no ads! and no youtube comments! it even handles subtitles and stuff.

or if you know the command line a bit, you can use youtube-dl directly to download videos or playlists or even entire channels.
going for a long train ride with no network connectivity? wanna binge Epithet Erased on the ride? or have a local backup of a tech tutorial channel? youtube-dl is the tool you want.

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Please keep in mind that the fediverse is not a secure, nor a private communication medium.

Why can’t I get mps-YouTube to work anymore? For that matter, why does refuse to play with ?

There are only four good political cartoons and this is one of them

a thing that happens in progressive spaces that annoys me but is minor in the grand scheme of things 

Very tall post 

animal pred/prey stuff 

when a cat meows, you:


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