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Which English-language pronouns to use for _this_ genderless (by nature) legendary pokémon? 

> If you prefer traditional
Any one of them except for it. Although he isn't any less inaccurate than she, strict binomial systems classify me firmly in the bucket.

> If you want to use (perhaps because you also wish to expand and normalize this vocabulary)
Anything that doesn't start with Z or X. If you want a specific to use on me, try vi/vim. An easy way to remember is that my paws can supply the you use to power your text editor.

shout outs to bismuth crystals. very cool

archivist spite 

if your code can make sense of the database then i assure you someone else's code can make sense of it too

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how to install KITTEN.EXE:
1. install a cat flap in your internet connection
2. put a bowl of tasty bytes near the catflap
3. say "pspspspspspsps"

KITTEN.EXE should appear!

note: if this does not work, an additional thing that might help is setting out an empty box for the kitten to sit in!

What do you think my sounds like?

PoGo XP talk 

If I fired everyone from my friends list and then added 200 new people, I would hit the XP requirement for level 50 by the time I had grinded out best friendships with the new cohort.

Where would be the fun in that? I’ll only boot the players who quit or who only added me to complete a raid or two before stopping interactions.

It's days like today I wish I was a glaceon

Back On Left Meta Bullshit, Prison Abolition 

We’ve learned, and if not, we SHOULD learn, that the existence and deification of the concept of the prison as a hell on earth that one must behave and abide by the rules to avoid at all costs is practically tied up in the same beliefs as those of the fundamentalists who tell us that having gay sex will send you to hell.

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happy lunar new year to the folks who celebrate it! :tauros:

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Need financial help, pretty urgent, please boost 

Hey there, I know I asked for helps only weeks ago but my situation has gotten worse (I got my unemployment benefits an entire week late) and now I’m in a REALLY tight spot. I’ve paid my rent but I really don’t have much left for the rest of this months’ expense.

Please if you can, I would really appreciate if you sent me some money. Any amount helps. If not, please boost this post, because that helps too

Thanks in advance!!

dear manufacturers of anything that has LEDs:

stop making the LEDs painfully bright, painfully blue, and painfully always-on

some people like to put things in the same place they sleep, and when your damn LED is always on, it makes it hard to sleep

I've reminisced on my birdsite account about the 2005 Poképark, and how I sometimes wonders what happened to its rides.

Notably, I wonder where the Merry-Go-Round is. The Merry-Go-Round featured the Johto legendary beasts as the horses. Child me wanted to go in it so badly

Just knowing that they are safe somewhere would make me happy. I would hate to know it has gone to waste.

Websites that redirect you to the main page after logging in, what's wrong with you?

Furries are a conspiracy by NASA to sell more suits, wake up mareeple.

yelling "cloudflare outage" in a crowded theater

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