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Did you know that you can influence which photo is used for stops & gyms in ?

If you can see the POI nearby in-game, tap the arrow in the upper-right corner once (for stops) or twice (for gyms) and then tap the square in the bottom-right that says "n photo(s)". It will bring up a screen of all the photos in 's database and allow you to upvote the one(s) you like best.

You can also vote on the photos for gifts you send or open: when the gift occupies the whole screen (just before you'd otherwise tap "send" or "open"), tap the photo and then the bottom-right square to access the screen.

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Which English-language pronouns to use for _this_ genderless (by nature) legendary pokémon? 

> If you prefer traditional
Any one of them except for it. Although he isn't any less inaccurate than she, strict binomial systems classify me firmly in the bucket.

> If you want to use (perhaps because you also wish to expand and normalize this vocabulary)
Anything that doesn't start with Z or X. If you want a specific to use on me, try vi/vim. An easy way to remember is that my paws can supply the you use to power your text editor.

i guess i'm just expecting cohost to have One Single Issue and everyone using that as an excuse to abandon it forever, and to never look back

just to then get excited for the hip new tumblr clone FlamberBast in 2024

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An easy thing to do on Firefox to remove tracking parameters when you share links:

1. write about:config in the address bar
2. search for
3. set it at true

Hop goodbye ?fblic=blah&mc_eid=blah

it is time to do more kitn science! pls vote on what you think is best! thank mew

in this post i am talking about python formatters 

HEY can we agree that pre-commit (the piece of software, not the raw git hook) is the worst fucking way to use an automatic formatter

it's just like, oh, you're committing? let me interrupt you and check that... nope! you didn't write it like black would. i can fix it for you and in fact i will but i'll also dump you back to the shell instead of just carrying on to commit the now-correctly-formatted code

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close up of a bee 

this is my hole! it was made for me!

(🖼️ Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash)

The new (?) 905 character limit is wonderful. So freeing. Now just gotta' wait years for it to go up to 1000, I guess, depending on how many Violet & Scarlet bring in. I'm thinking the last legendary/mythical Pokemon of this generation will be #1000. They gotta'.

*however* as soon as the player does press that key, you get an event from the OS that tells you both the keycode and what's printed on the key

so, interestingly, if you force the player to go through binding keys on the first launch, you can remember what those keys are called while still using keycodes. but it kind of defeats the point if you can't ship default keybinds

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There are few things in life I hate as much as cooking. I'm hungry, the last thing I wanna do is watch food sitting on the stove for 30 minutes.

a hot take about the internet 

hell even if it does come with promises, sometimes it still won't work, the only difference is that you'll get your money back

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a hot take about the internet 

also, idk this one is maybe weird, but i think it makes people brittle too?

like, when discord or signal is down for a half hour and people are in shambles about it. idk. it's annoying sure, but is it really that devastating to wait and do something else before carrying on that conversation?

maybe it's just me, i don't love instant messaging or voice calls anyway

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linkedin should be a social networking site for hypertext enthusiasts

the best soda has a shoddily printed nutritional info sticker stuck on it because the can was never translated for your market

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there's always someone who is active in chat but is 30 seconds behind and getting further and further away. playing at 102% speed or whatever isn't gonna get them back to the live edge

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