god i forgot that the default mastodon ui is the single column one

remember when we all joined mastodon at once and everyone was talking about how much it rules that the default ui is multi-column

april fools! PUPPY.EXE was me all along!! :blobcatmlem:

am so glad i don't have to act like a doggo anymore :blobmiou: it was exhausting for a kitn like me

remember when pink floyd made a cd about animals

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it's world backup day (PSA) 

#SpringEevee day #7 Tragedy, the bowl is empty D:
When you haven't fed your #Eevee for two hours...

First week down!
(if you've enjoyed the Eevees so far please consider giving me a tip <3 ko-fi.com/pthewanderer )
#Pokemon #art #mastoart #creativetoots #sketch #art

you could make a bot on a custom AP server that you send an image to and it replies with like a 10x10 grid of custom emotes sliced from the image

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At 👏minimum 👏you 👏need 👏to 👏break 👏the 👏word 👏if 👏there 👏are 👏two 👏stressed 👏syllables👏




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I want a really really really big plush of this

Dystopic employment hellscape 

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The story of how I evolved my first :flareon:​ 

I see they're getting ready to set stonehenge forward an hour for british summer time

would "DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD" be a valid mech name?

#SpringEevee day #2 Espeon
You can't psych yourself out all the time, sometimes you have to let yourself rest and unwind.
#Pokemon #Eevee #Espeon #art #sketch #eeveelution

@jk The more you learn, the less you realise you truly know. Welcome to wisdom. It only gets more confusing.

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