Maximum Pokemon Shitposting 

'mon are stored in the balls

Evolution: you can’t just make friends with every wild creature out there! Some of them are scary hunters!

Humans: ha ha cat go *prrrr*

MacOS has a command called "ditto" that perfectly duplicates a directory, including all the extra metadata that Macs love to use.

I highly recommend using it when copying data from the command line on Macs.

Ugh, Furries 


"Honestly, anything that resembles animal qualities of form are going to raise these sort of questions. After all, that's why this discussion is happening in the first place. Ultimately, the safest thing to do is to ban furry art from the furry site altogether."

i really dislike episodes/books/whatever in media series where a whole over-the-top narrative happens that kills off basically everyone and causes huge incredible changes to the plot, and then at the end of it everything reverts back to normal and you're lucky if *any* of the characters remember anything

quoting an issue submitter 

"I accidentally hit enter and can't edit the issue without running nonfree js"

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Your pierogi preferences will reveal which pokemon you are

legendary track featuring hundreds of rappers all going in turn "I'm [insert name] and I'm here to say / I'm rapping on this track today"

Furry Discourse Feels 

And on that thought! When it comes to cutting someone in our groups loose

"Damn, it sucks but you refused to change, we gave you chances, you've lost our trust and you gotta go" goes a lot more differently than


One of those can easily be hijacked by opportunists because you've effectively lionized the idea of "Hunting down rulebreakers should feel good"

I wonder what OTHER institution thrives off of that? Anyone?

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I won't lie though that the concept of the only pilot/navigator ditching you and everyone else to navigate space freely while they fuck off elsewhere is some good sci-fi horror material

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lewd, re: the new furry hot take 

i'm a pokemon,, to that effect i say: fuck me

Just because something is *better*, or even subjectively "the best", does not make it "Good".

serious life advice 

Get yourself a non-slip bathmat. It may seem like a silly dalliance now, but $20 might keep you from badly hurting yourself and being out of commission for a month or two. It's worth the expense. Trust me.

@natecull I'm still surprised at how many people are willing to watch a LOTR lenght analysis of a 20 minute cartoon episodes on youtube.

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