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Hi! I am Mimikyu!!
I'm gonna post Mimikyu things over here and I don't know hi though. 💜

humming the Lavender Town theme while taking a stroll down a misty sidewalk

i will introduce myself
im deirf
i use the pronouns that are in my bio
im super new to mastodon so i dont know how to do everything right now

um. i think the people here are really really cool
i like pokemon but i dont get to play it a lot and i dont know all that much about stuff

id like to get to know peeps here more?? :) i don't really know how to do that but there

Everyone is Mimikyu now, that's what this Mimikyu says. Yup yup.

Becoming your friend's pokemon species as a show of appreciation and flattery is good praxis.

When you wake up as a Pokémon...

That's a good feeling

@shadow8t4 absolutely you can!! i'd recommend either a life orb+swords dance or a normalium-z for z-splash

Mimikyu wants to jump into an Ultra Beast portal! I can take them!!

stay alert: some users on fedi could be pokemon. would you be able to tell?

Mimikyu! Catch me when you play your Pokemon games!!

Mimikyu wishes it were a legendary. I want to be desired!!

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