i don't think that Nintendo will add pro controller support for pokemon let's go, but i can dream :musharna:

my wrist is all hecked up today from playing let's go pikachu with the joycon yesterday for less than 3 hours. another of us gets really nasty RSI from playing with the joycon.

so our family may end up getting the pokeball controller so we can catch pokemon without injuring ourselves. i don't have this problem with any game where i can use the pro controller, so Nintendo adding pro controller support to the game would also be a solution.

we got let's go pikachu in my house, so i named myself Punk (because i want people to call me HEY PUNK) and i named my rival #!/bin/sh because I'm an insufferable nerd

i plan to budget for the $35/year fee for a nintendo online family subscription for the switch so that we can all do online play. but not until i get let's go pikachu/eevee, because i wouldn't be using it until then.

i'm a little apprehensive about needing manual dexterity to catch pokemon but i'm hoping that it won't be too much of a problem for me. (dyspraxia problems)

does anyone know the status (or location) of the fan English translation of the sequel to the gameboy tcg game? i want to find it again and try playing it.

oh dang i gotta get on this latias/latios distribution tout de suite

:bibarel: is a very good pokemon to have on a sinnoh playthrough.

Added this:

"It is higly recommended that you add a text descriptions to the images you post, to help make them accessible to people who use screen readers. To do so, hover on an image you just uploaded in the compose form, and you will have access to a field you can type into."

To the instance rules!

I want to make an information page detailing all the custom emojis you can use here, since they're not in the picker (it would make the page much heavier if they were!)

i spent literal actual cash money on the black framed glasses and goth/punk outfits for my avatar in pokemon go and i don't regret it at all 💯

i haven't played pokemon in a while because I'm extremely pumped about let's go pikachu and let's go eevee, and my pokedexes in all my gen 7 games are complete. i don't have much opportunity to get out to play pokemon go, either, even though i live near a million pokestops.

:meloetta:​, the performer. With two forms for singing and dancing.

You can choose your game's language since Gen VI, but Korean and Chinese (since Gen VII, traditional and simplified) users, despite having the game's text in their language, cannot input text in another system than romaji, katakana or hiragana (Japanese), which mean they cannot name themselves or their Pokémon in their own language. I hope this is changed in Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee, or at least in Gen VIII.

i forget why i never "officially" relaunched this (i finished it in january?) but check out this pokemon gen 3 secret base designer i made :fatyoshi:



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