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Hey y'all just wanted to let you know I got one of the most powerful bootlegs I have ever encountered

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selling my art 

would anyone like to purchase this rabbit
must be in turtle island (usa)
and be comfortable giving me a mailing address.
payment options are pinned on my profile.

Name your price.

I teach highschool and college level of maths. I am very good at analysis and abstract algebra.

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Fahrenheit users when it's 69 degrees outside: Nice 😎

Celsius users when it's 69 degrees outside: Not nice 🥵

Begpost. Asking for money. Need boosting. 

I have sick and not have energy to work. I feel not well, have fever and coughing every night. I barely have money to buy food now.

$20-$30 may be enough to me for survive a few days. I expect I may be healthy again about a week. I hope someone can help me so I can teach maths again. Boosting is appreciated.

My Paypal account:

I don't know how to repay you all who help me but if you have any maths problem don't hesitate to ask me. I might be able to help.

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mutual aid request, running away 

i'm dissatisfied with living as a closeted transfem. my only friends are people far away from me, i have never made my own choices, and i'm erratic.

i've been wanting to run away for while, and i've been trying to, but i need 5000$. this is so i can travel and get housing for atleast 5 months.


this is my paypal. any amount of cash is appreciated, as long as you say that it's for the fundraiser.
if you can't donate, please atleast boost.

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Can the hive mind help?

I have a nice, short proof for a theorem about conics. Unfortunately, I don't know how well the theorem itself is known. I'm sure it can be found in some book written in the last 200 years, but... 🤷
Does anyone know the following statement?

Given two non-degenerate conics in the projective plane. There are four lines which are tangent to both conics. They touch the given conics in four points each. Then there exists another conic, which runs through these eight points.

Time machine idea:
Circle around the north/south pole

I can't get my account back. Well, now I don't trust Paypal anymore.

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Where can I find the lists of all emoji here?

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Happy to learn some English cyberspeak about pokemon. Electric rodents are called “pika clone” in English. We some time call them 小表弟 in Chinese, especially the Dedenne, which means the little cousin of pikachu

And I also think the English name of Lechonk is much more interesting than its Chinese name

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Thanks for everyone helping me for boosting my begpost and sending me money. I actually still need a little more. If there are no more people help me again, I will encourage myself to work harder to get money myself.

I hope I can give payback for everyone helping. I can teach some maths, so maybe if you need help to solve some math problems, I really happy to help you all.

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For any letter-to-prime mappings,
Two words have save products if and only if they are anagram, this is because of the fact that prime factorization of natural number is unique up to permutation.

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