Hello Pokemon people. It's been a minute. How is everyone? Crossing the animals?

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Hello I grabbed a nice frame from the end of the AC direct that I thought might look nice as a wallpaper. Enjoy!

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Who keeps dropping their old car batteries into the ocean to recharge the electric eels?

I'm not feeling great so everyone tell me about their favorite Pokemon or their favorite Animal Crossing character or something to help me cheer up :snom:

Two months til Animal Crossing but I need it now!!!

Imagine being a new Pokemon trainer and your self-declared rival keeps wanting to fight you even though you're like "Chikorita is just like....my dog, I don't want to become the champion"

What are y'all thinking about Temtem? Is it playable yet?

Will I always tear up a little when I hear the Pallet Town theme? Probably.

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imagine a parallel universe where sega's infighting in the 90s got to the point where the american division just split off and became its own company and as a result one or both survived in the hardware business

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spinda facts: spinda base stat total is 360 because spinda spin in circle

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Okay everyone who's the next fighter (wrong answers only)

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The interior designer asks me what I would like my home to look like and I just pull out a stack of printouts of Luigi's Mansion screenshots

With its fixed camera angles and survival horror genre, is just Resident Evil for babies

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that said, y'all should know by now that i am absolutely 100% for artists getting recognition and paid for the work they do.

however, if you create something intangible like an art challenge, and release it out into the wild for others to join in... you can't really own that anymore, you can only take credit for starting it.

you gotta let it go, it's become its own thing, bigger than you, bigger than anyone. it's part of the community.

retroactive gatekeeping (esp for profit) is shitty

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I vaguely remember playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and recalling it had a rather dark storyline for Western Pokemon media. It was a good story though, I should revisit it.

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