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is selling some of their digital games at a discount so if you wanted to pick up Necrodancer before Cadence of Hyrule comes out on Thursday it's like 5 bucks

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First person to go to space in the world was someone from Galar who clung to an Alolan Exeggutor's neck and told it to Dynomax

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I’ve seen this new Wooloo pokemon going around social media… And NO ONE made it way fluffier than it should be, so I’ve decided to correct that mistake for you all.
You’re welcome.
#mastoart #fluffy #furryart #pokemon

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Made this Gyroid doodle at lunch. They know watch over us from high up on the wall.

Hey I want to play Emerald randomized on Android. Does anyone have any recs?

Nintendo was always my specialty interest as a kid, even though I was bullied for it. As an adult it hasn't waned, and I've been reading through Supper Mario Broth's blog with relish.

It was kinda weird when they introduced gender differences in gen 4 or 5 but the upside is that we now retroactively have a lot of art of gay and trans Pikachus

The lack of focus on Gyroids in Pocket Camp is disconcerting! I need my Gyroids!

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I'm so excited now for Pokemon!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAA

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