Hey I want to play Emerald randomized on Android. Does anyone have any recs?

Nintendo was always my specialty interest as a kid, even though I was bullied for it. As an adult it hasn't waned, and I've been reading through Supper Mario Broth's blog with relish.

It was kinda weird when they introduced gender differences in gen 4 or 5 but the upside is that we now retroactively have a lot of art of gay and trans Pikachus

The lack of focus on Gyroids in Pocket Camp is disconcerting! I need my Gyroids!

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I'm so excited now for Pokemon!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAA

You know what my wish for the new is? The ability to put fish in tanks that are actually big enough for them so I can watch them swim around. 🐟🐠🐡

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What's this new Tetris everyone is on about

Software always has its quirks. My GPS doesn't believe that the Sears exists and believes driving directly through it is the quickest way back to the road. My friend's GPS believes that a nearby empty four-lane highway is a an ATM. Imagine an android with the same issues- frantically trying to make a withdrawal in the center of a highway, insisting they should be right on top of an ATM.

Everything is closed in my city. Time to stay home and play Minecraft and write a D&D one shot

Me: Guinea pig please make me stop being sad
Guinea pig: [gently kisses finger]
Me: Thank you guinea pig

I really did fly too close to the sun, I was digging out a basement when I hit a cave and now Enderman is here

So I am a legal adult but I am apprehensive about opening my laptop to get my D&D notes because I was playing and shut my laptop in a panic because Enderman was there

Here's a good One Unique Thing for your next 13th Age character: sneezing really loud. I'm not talking impolite, I'm talking screaming loud. Source: I sneeze very loud and it has an impact on my life

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