Concept: a DM screen tall enough so the players can't see your face journeys when they say something genuinely off-the-wall

I'm still mad we didn't get a Galarian to go with the Ponyta

If you count art forms like mosaic and cross stitch, pixel art technically existed thousands of years before the pixel

I stressed over planning out a fortress ruin for my players to explore. Instead, they went to the realtor and bought an old farmhouse. is definitely a fantasy roleplaying game

Heraldry is just your assigned family fursona. Alexa, send toot

Why are some dreams like "I was alone. The last person in the world, alone on a pier in midwinter" and your other dreams are like "I was struggling to take a group photo of some clowns because some of them were really tall and some of them were really wide"

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I had a dream that my cat at home was becoming a split-tailed cat yōkai

What does this mean

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Why do I know, and have always known, the banana bunch song

I'm watching Beetlejuice and yeah I think I would try to kill people for gutting a Victorian farmhouse

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In the world many people's name suits what kind of Pokemon they prefer to train. I like to think that it's because people are very accepting of name changes and people are encouraged to choose names that suit them.

I just bought three brand-new copies of for 5$ a piece at 5 Below. I've been wanting to play it for years now, but finding two friends willing to drop 40$ on a game that's more or less only fun with exactly two other people was somewhat daunting. Glad to finally get to play it!!!

What is it with baby lesbians and being very into video game goth girls? I remember crushing hard on Ashley Warioware when I was maybe 11

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