Twitter might be imploding this weekend. Cool, cool, cool. We can go forward together in a good way anywhere. Use hashtags and we will find each other! I'm on IG with this handle too, in case you want to see pictures of my cats and some food. lol

Catching up on some follows here, either accounts or handles/names I recognize from Twitter. Thanks for following! I'm still pretty busy with the dumpster fire the bird app has become. I was almost tricked by one of those blue checks today. I thought our CMOH was actually promoting health and safety. Silly me! I am not sure how that is sustainable and now Elorb Marsk is talking bankruptcy. What a shame.

I just read a really helpful how-to for Mastodon establishment and cross-posting from Twitter. Thank you, @garius, for offering suggestings that will help me to figure this out!

My Twitter feed is full of the tweets of it's fired employees. What's happening on Mastodon? Is this going to be a thing? I need to know.

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