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sometimes i see swsh news and im like HOLY SHIT THIS GAME LOOKS AMAZING IM SO EXCITED and sometimes i see other news and i feel disappointed and like this might be the worst pokemon game to come out. idk hopefully the story makes up for the lackluster visuals

oof cant get the pictures here because theyre too much of a bitch to export but i caught my first shinies on purpose the other day in ultra moon! a shiny pikipek and rockruff via sos chaining :)) :pikipek:​ ✨ :rockruff:

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cat levels are currently severe

(96%) ■■■■■■■■■□

my team won our first three matches! its a round-robin sort of tournament so we're playing against three teams, doing three matches each

about to play in a splatoon tournament, wish me luck 🤞

why does the direct have to be at 4 pm my time 😩 😩 if it was just an hour before or later i could watch it but nooo it has to be during the hour block i have for class

talonflame is one of my favorite pokemon!! hes my best birb ❤️ :talonflame:

aaaaaaaaaaaaa just one of my wisdom teeth is coming in but its already making my mouth hurt :/ i wont be able to have surgery til like may This Is Fine Im Sure

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... Oh. I've drawn torracat before. I forgot.

Here he is with my OC Terry, I drew this shortly after OG moon was released

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like theres MAYBE 10 people i keep up with semi-regularly and then maybe 10 of their friends that i might hang out with if theres an event but beyond that what the Fuck are the hundreds of other people i knew in high school doing now

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hearing about people from high school is So Weird i dont even know how to describe it

omg i cant work.. god my brain refuses to work

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