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Welcome to donphan.social!

We aim to provide a free and safe space for Pokéfans of the federation, whether as a main general account to toot about anything, or for Pokémon-focused accounts to toot about anything related to the franchise.

If you want to help cover the financial costs of this instance so we can keep this Pokémon community alive, you can send some Poké-dollars via Patreon!
If you prefer doing a one-time donation, you can do it with PayPal.

Thanks to @codl and @setavulos for the Mastofriend artworks!


The following guidelines are not a legal document, and final interpretation is up to the administration of donphan.social, they are here to provide you with an insight into our content moderation policies.

  • Any content posted here must be legal in your country, France and Canada
  • Explicit Content Warnings on any kind of sexual, violent or any other sensitive types of content are mandatory
  • Content Warnings on leaks, or rumors on the Pokémon franchise are mandatory, and strongly recommended on spoilers, or new official announcements about content for upcoming Pokémon media, or for any other franchise
  • It is highly recommended that you add a text descriptions to the images you post, to help make them accessible to people who use screen readers. To do so, hover on an image you just uploaded in the compose form, and you will have access to a field you can type into.
  • Fanart that are not made by the users posting them must be sourced to the original artist, or to where it was found if the original artist cannot be identified
  • Corporate advertising and brand accounts are forbidden
  • Hate speech (including but not limited to, in no particular order: racism, ableism, misoginy, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, antisemitism, islamophobia, classism, prejudice against sex workers), defense of hateful ideologies, harassment, dogwhistling (implicit but deliberate discrimination through coded language), reverse-ism and other generally malevolent types of behavior are forbidden

To make sure that this space remains safe and inclusive, we are following this list of instance blocks recommendations, and will list any other instance that is blocked or muted here if they are not present in the list. Blocks won't be announced and blocked instances won't be notified of their block.


These instances and/or their administrators contributed directly or indirectly to donphan.social's life, and we would like to acknowledge and thank them. If you're looking for another instances, we strongly recommend them!

  • pokemon.mastportal.info and @natsuki: the first Pokémon instance on the fediverse. Donphan is their mascot too! Japanese-speaking instance.
  • octodon.social and @CobaltVelvet: the generalist instance where my (Siphonay) main account is located. Alice has always been providing me with valuable help and support when needed. I am also moderating this instance.
  • awoo.space, @vahnj and @noiob: a safe generalist instance with strong moderation to minimize abuse. I am also a community mediator on this intance.
  • monsterpit.net and @multiple_creatures: a monster-themed instance. Multiple creatures has generously donated the server donphan.social is running on with several months paid in advance.
  • glitch.social, dev.glitch.social and @bea: a generalistic instance, and the home of glitch-soc, the Mastodon fork with tons of good additional features on which donphan.social is running. Thanks as well to @ThibG for his huge amount of work on glitch-soc.
  • chitter.xyz, @Violet, @codl and @bug: a friendly generalist instance. codl also has an account here and they often post their Pokémon doodles!
  • glaceon.social and @monorail: another Pokémon-themed instance ran by a friend! A pretty chill one. That's a given since it has a focus on Ice-type Pokémon!
  • high.cat: an instance focused on "mind-blowing" content. I am an administrator on this instance.
  • @Dzuk: a good friend, and the creator of the Mutant Standard emojis that donphan.social and many other isntances is using. Also runs a recommended instances list that is worth checking out if you're still looking for an instance to pick.

This instance uses Mutant Standard Emoji, by dzuk and are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
This instance is not affiliated to Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokémon Company or the Pokémon brand in any way. This instance uses resources from Pokémon media or substantially derived from it that are possibly copyrighted and/or registered trademarks. The administration of the instance claims this to be fair use, and no copyright infringement is intended.